Astra Pro Addon v3.9.0  Plugin for Astra Theme Free Download

Astra Pro Addon v3.9.0  Plugin for Astra Theme Free Download

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The Astra Pro Astra Pro Addon Plugin for Astra Theme Free Download is a powerful plugin that adds more advanced features to the free Astra WordPress theme. First of all, Astra might be a beautiful WordPress theme that can be used for any kind of site. Brainstorm Force made it and made sure it worked well. There’s no doubt that this theme works great on all kinds of devices. It has been tweaked so that it loads quickly and looks better. This theme, on the other hand, uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery so that pages load faster. Astra also works well with all plugins for page builders, both free and paid. It also has websites made with Astra and a few other page builders that are already built and ready to import.

Also, the Astra Pro Addon gives people who use the Astra theme more ways to customize it. After you turn on the Astra Pro Addon plugin, you can change almost every part of the Astra theme. With Astra, you don’t have to touch a single line of code to make changes or build a great website. You can also change the space between the weather on your website with this plugin. Woo-Commerce site owners can also get special, paid features through the professional Addon. To sum up, Astra Pro Addon makes the Astra theme more useful by giving you more ways to change things.

Features of Astra Pro Addon  Plugin for Astra Theme

  • Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript, which stops jQuery from getting in the way and slowing things down.
  • Astra was made to move quickly and has been fully optimised for performance. It takes less than half a second to load because it is the lightest theme.
  • Astra only needs less than 50KB of resources, while the other WordPress themes need 100s.
  • Astra uses the default WordPress data and follows the best coding standards to make sure that every piece of code is optimised.
  • Use layouts to change the way the headers, blogs, single pages, posts, and other parts of a website look.
  • Use the transparent header, which makes the header background transparent and pulls the page up, combining the header and the page.
  • With this, you can change the header breakpoints, set a different logo, menu style, colours, etc. for a mobile device, and customise and adjust header breakpoints.
  • You can use your favourite page builder to make beautiful templates, or you can drop in a shortcode to add a layout to a mega menu on your website.
  • With Astra, you can make page-specific sidebars that can change the way your website’s default sidebar is set up and customised.

More Features:

  • Astra has a number of built-in header and footer options, which can be expanded with the Astra Pro addon.
  • This is a header that stays at the top of the page no matter what the user does. It lets you get to the menu quickly from anywhere on the page.
  • You can add custom page headers and set rules for how and where to show them on your website’s pages and posts.
  • You can choose colours and fonts that go well with your brand and make it easy to change the colours and fonts on the whole site.
  • Astra is ready for WooCommerce in every way, and the customizer helps you build and design your store. Today, you can build a store that is quick and looks good.
  • Astra lets you put your most important content in a box to make it stand out from the rest of the page’s content.
  • You can add margins to the edges of the text to make it look like it is padded. The padded layout of Astra makes it easy to do this.
  • The Spacing Addon for Astra lets you change the default space settings and control the margins and paddings around all the elements.
  • Astra comes with a full width layout by default, which lets you use the whole width of your website’s main content.
  • You can choose the fluid layout on Astra, which lets you stretch the website all the way to the edge of the screen.
  • Astra gives you a default container called the primary container. It has its own layout and settings in the customizer.
  • Astra lets you choose from more than 700 Google fonts so that your website has the best typography.

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