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The Car Rental Management System is a system build in PHP/MySQLi project that aids in the management of a certain automobile rental company’s car rental records. The admin side and the client side are the two sides of this system

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What the System

The administration portion of the automobile rental management system is the area where the management of the company handles the rental records and other pertinent data, such as the inventory of vehicles available for rental.

The company’s booking webpage for its customers is known as the client-side or borrower side.

This method will confirm the client’s dependability and the facts of each rental reservation. To enable the borrowers to select the car they want to hire, the rental cars are arranged according to their categories, transmission types, and engine types. When the borrower enters the pickup and drop-off dates and times, the system can also produce information about the vehicle that is available for the borrower. This method saves the vehicle’s registration and licence plate number for the company to use as a reference in determining which vehicle the client-borrower uses and whether the client has already picked up or returned the vehicle.


“Admin Side”

Access Page. the page where system administrators or employees of the organisation enter their system credentials to view the system’s data

Front page. the page to which the system administrator or personnel will by default be forwarded after login in.

  • page devoted to cars. the page that lists and manages all of the company’s rental car categories.
  • Page for Transmission Types. the website that lists and manages the various auto transmissions.
  • Page for Engine Types. the page that lists and manages the many car engine types.

Autos Page. the page where the rent-a-car list is managed by the admin or staff user.

People Page. the page where the system administrator handles the system users’ list and passwords.

System Preferences. the page on which the administrator controls system data.


Front page. the page to which the customer will automatically be forwarded when using the automobile rental company’s booking website. Additionally, a list of the company’s rental cars is displayed on this page.

Cars Available Page. The page where a list of vehicles that meet the client’s criteria for pick-up, drop-off, and category is provided.

Admin Default Access

Username: admin

Password: admin123

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