E-Commerce Android Application with source code Download

E-Commerce Android Application with source code Download 2022

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On this page, you can download e commerce Android Application with source code. This Android app for e-commerce takes customization to a whole new level. There are apps that can keep track of what people look at and buy, so you can suggest things they might like based on how they shop. You can do this from a website, but the customer needs to be logged in at all times. Using an app makes it easier.

If you are looking for e-commerce android application source code then you are on the right page. In today’s post, I am going to share with you guys the complete e-commerce android application source code.

A survey by Clutch found that agency-made apps cost between $30,000 and $700,000, with a median cost of $171,450. For both iOS and Android, it costs between $5,000 and $7,000 to make a basic e-commerce app for mobile devices. But on this page, you will get e-commerce android application source code in very low price.

How  E-commerce android application work?

When you sell goods and services over the Internet, this is called “e-commerce.” Customers use electronic money to buy things on a website or in an online market. When the merchant gets paid, he sends the goods or does the service.

Features of E-commerce android application

  • Faster way to buy.
  • Making a store and a list of products
  • Cost cutting
  • Affordable advertising and marketing
  • Customers should have options.
  • There are no reach limits
  • Compare products and prices
  • Faster response to buyer/market demands
  • Several payment modes

Flexibility for customers: Many businesses like the fact that eCommerce gives them the freedom to meet their customers’ needs. You can buy and use their products and services at any time, which is a good thing. This means that the person selling the item can do so anywhere, at any time.

No reach limits – If they have a physical store, they might not be able to sell things to everyone who wants to. They can deliver to customers’ homes, but there may be a limit on how far they can go. There are a lot of online marketplaces that handle logistics and shipping on their own.

Compare products and prices. People who sell things online can use tools or do it on their own to compare products. This lets them know what other products are available, how much they cost, and what to do if they don’t have what they need.

Faster response to buyer and market needs:

When you sell online, it takes less time to do business. Ecommerce marketplaces make it easier to get your products to people who want to buy them. When people buy something, they will get it quickly. Product returns are also good because they can be taken care of quickly. You can either give a new one or return the money.

Even when trying to meet the needs of the market, quick steps can be taken. A buyer can click the “Notify Me” button when he sees that an item is out of stock. This shows him when he can buy that item again. When more people buy an item, sellers know they need to restock it so more people can buy it.

Buyers like it when their orders are unique, and they also like to pay for them in different ways. Some of the ways to pay that ecommerce marketplaces allow are UPI, cash on delivery, card on delivery, net banking, EMIs on a credit or debit card, and pay-later credit.

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