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MonsterInsights Pro is the best plugin for WordPress that lets you use Google Analytics. Here are the things that make MonsterInsights the most powerful and easy-to-use analytics plugin for WordPress on the market. MonsterInsights is basically a plugin that lets you change, manage, and add all Google Analytics site tracking services to your WordPress website. It makes a huge difference in how easy it is for you to use Google Analytics to track your site. Yoast, who made the WordPress site design plugin, which is known as the best WordPress site engine optimization, also made this plugin. The MonsterInsights modules come in two different versions: the free version and the professional version.

All of the features from the basic version are in the professional version as well. With the free version of MonsterInsights, it’s easy to add Google Analytics. With the free state, you can also find all of the information you need for a whole website. The free form remembers the features that went with it. The process of setting up is important.

MonsterInsights Pro – The Best WordPress Analytics Plugin – Main Features

  • Report on Ecommerce
  • Changes to Forms
  • Custom Dimensions
  • WooCommerce
  • Downloads that are easy
  • Backs up MemberPress
  • Tracking the author
  • Category/Tags Tracking
  • Google Optimize
  • Backs up LifterLMS
  • Unlimited access to sites
  • Tracking Everyone
  • Partner Links
  • Banner Ads
  • Performance
  • Google AMP
  • Better online business
  • Downloads of files
  • Better tracking of links
  • Tracking the scroll
  • EU Compliance
  • FB Instant Articles
  • Tracking Logged-in Users
  • Follow-up on SEO Scores
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Tracking for eCommerce
  • Custom Types of Posts

What’s New in MonsterInsights Pro 8.7.0? (Changelog)

  • New: Our contextual education messages will now make it clear which report or setting is being talked about, making it easier to make smart decisions.
  • Change: We added more checks to the methods for sending server-side events with the measurement protocol so that they won’t be triggered by plugins that are already loading.
  • Change: We made a change so that the curated Popular Posts in the widget are shown in a random order.
  • Change: We added a filter that lets you turn off the random way that Popular Posts shows posts.
  • Change: We changed the way the Popular Posts styles load to make the site run faster when those styles aren’t being used.
  • Fix: We made the compatibility layer between analytics.js and gtag.js more stable and fixed a bug that could mess up the bounce rate.
  • Fix: We changed the loading screens so that loading reports would be more consistent.
  • Fixed: We fixed the fatal error that happened because of a conflict in the generic class name.
  • Fixed: We fixed some bugs in our “Exclude from Tracking” feature that some users were having.

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