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Hi, guys if you are looking for an online learning management system in PHP MYSQL then you are on the right post. In today’s post I am going to share with you an e-learning project in php with source code free download. I provided all the related data also with this e-learning project you can easily download this project and can use this for your semester project. If you want modification in this project then you can contact me I will do it. However, you can also download this and change it for yourself.

This Complete Online Learning Management System is made in PHP MySQL database, using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Modal, Ajax, and Bootstrap. This system is easy to use and very friendly to users in web applications. It is made up of an admin and a user, who represents a student. Before a student can make their own account, they have to sign up to login. The admin can control everything that happens in an online chat, approve users, and delete users.

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Categories
  • Courses
  • Student
  • Enrollment
  • Report
  • Message

online learning management system in PHP MYSQL Features


Add new categories, category codes, category titles, parents, icon pickers, categories, and thumbnails.


Course List, Categories, Status, Instructor, Price, and Filter, as well as Active Courses, Pending Courses, Free Courses, and Paid Courses.


Add New Students, Show Entries, Photo, Name, Email, Courses Enrolled, Edit, Delete, and Search.


To enrol, click on Enroll History, Enroll a Student, Enrolment Form, User, and Course.


Admin Income, Instructor Income, Courses Enrolled, Total Amount, Date Enrolled, and Status.


System Settings, Website Settings, Payment Settings, Payment Settings, Instructor Settings, Language Settings, SMTP Settings, About, Themes, Mobile App,

System Setting

Website Name, Website Title, Website Keywords, Website Description, Author, Slogan, System Email, Address, Phone, You Tube Key, Vimeo Key, Api Key, Purchase Code, System Language, Student Email Verification, and Footer Link.

Website Setting

Banner Title, Banner Sub Title, About Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Statement

Setting up a payment

System Currency, Currency Position, Active, Mode, Paypal Currency, Client ID, and Currency Position.


Instructor Setting, Allow Public Instructor, Instructor Revenue, and Admin Revenue percent.

Language Place

Language List, Add a phrase, add a language, make changes, or delete.

SMTP Setting

Protocol, Username, Password, SMTP Host, SMTP Port, and SMTP Port.

online learning management system in PHP MYSQL Working

This e learning system project source code will help you to maintain your learning management system for your school and also you can submit it to your university. This is an advanced level e-learning system project which is built using PHP and a database in MYSQLi both are famous languages.

Here is below it the demo video and all the steps mentioned that you need to take while installing this project on your PC.

Downlaod online learning management system in PHP MYSQL

 online learning management system in PHP MYSQL

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