Simple Bakery Shop Management System in PHP MySQL

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The Bakery Shop Management System is a user-friendly web-based application platform designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of bakery stores, including inventory management and customer service.

  • Using XAMPP v3.3.0 as my personal webserver with the PHP language version 8.0.7 and the MySQL database
  • HTML \sCSS \sJavaScript \sjQuery
  • v5 of the Ajax Bootstrap Framework

This PHP and MySQL-based Bakery Shop Management System is available only to add users. Data, features, and functionalities can only be accessed by the administration, which in turn requires user credentials to be entered into the system. There are two distinct user types: administrators and tellers.

Products, inventory, and product types can only be managed by Administrator Users. They are also allowed to view and control all the system’s settings and capabilities.

The Cashiers’ only responsibilities are transaction management and recording the daily sales tally. The point-of-sale functionality in this is useful for keeping track of the day’s takings. It can provide a printable receipt and a sales report broken down by date.


  • Admin-Side
  • Login Page
  • Home Page
  • Summary
  • Inventory/Available Stocks List
  • Restock Products
  • Maintenance
  • Add New Category
  • List All Categories
  • View Category Details
  • Update Category Details
  • Update Category Status
  • Delete Category
  • Manage Product
  • Add New Product
  • List All Products
  • View Product Details
  • Update Product Details
  • Delete Product
  • Manage Stocks
  • Add New Stock
  • List All Stocks
  • View Stock Details
  • Update Stock Details
  • Delete Stock
  • Point of Sale
  • Generate Printable Receipt
  • Generate Printable Date-wise Sales Report
  • Manage User List (CRUD)
  • Manage Account Credentials


  • Launch Apache and MySQL by going to the XAMPP/WAMP Admin Panel.
  • Prepare to unzip the downloaded source code.
  • Extract the folder containing the source code, and then move it into the “htdocs” directory of XAMPP. The “www” directory is where you should paste it if you’re using WAMP.
  • Check out PHPMyAdmin on the web. Specifically, http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  • Make a new database and call it bsms db.
  • Read in the SQL file we sent you. A database query file, identified as bsms db.sql, can be found in the database folder.
  • Explore the Bakery Store Administration Tool online. In other words, http://localhost/bsms/.

E-Commerce Project In PHP + Database With Source Code

Default Admin Access

Username: admin
Password: admin123

Download Simple Bakery Shop Management System in PHP MySQL

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